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A research paper by  Youngjin Lee, AIA, LEED® AP and Bomin Kim, AIA CPHC, has been published in an international blind peer-review journal, Advances in Computational Design. The paper, “Genetic Algorithms for Balancing Multiple Variables in Design Practice,” examines computational practices that allow designers to consider multiple variables at once

The premiere public amenity of Baton Rouge, LA, long deprived of social, economic, and natural activity, is being revitalized into an ecologically sound, cultural inclusive, and safe place

Parametric design saved countless hours and revealed innumerable possibilities for generating the unique line patterns at Akamai Technologies' Kendall Square HQ

An exploratory visualization of corridors throughout the United States named after the late civil rights leader, this research project looks at data on how the neighborhoods surrounding MLK corridors compare to the larger metropolitan region, across dimensions of race, income and education, and urban development

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