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Topping Off at 212 Stuart Street

Construction on the new Bay Village residential tower by Höweler + Yoon and Sasaki is moving along quickly, with the building’s base structure now complete.

The team hit a major construction milestone topping off the building above the 19th floor earlier this month.

Now,  the team is beginning to install the custom precast panels designed to give the building both a sense of craft and modernity to blend into the historic neighborhood of surrounding Bay Village.

This building was designed to make a very intentional departure from the tall glass tower typology, ensuring a different kind of experience of a tall building at the pedestrian scale and the skyline scale for Boston

Kyle Richard, AIA, Sasaki project architect

We gave careful attention to ensuring there is no 'back' of the building; instead the ground level experience is human scaled and welcoming on all sides

Kevin Lee, Sasaki project architectural designer

Sasaki landscape architects are simultaneously working alongside the architectural team on a site design that ensures the building stitches seamlessly into the surrounding streetscape.

In thinking through the design of the paving carpet, we tried to be sympathetic to the existing historical site to the South of the building, while also conveying this kind of modernity of the building on the North side of the volume. That's how we landed on a pixelated carpet weaving together old and new bricks of red and gold.

Philip Dugdale, ASLA, Sasaki project landscape architect

Expected completion: Spring 2022

More updates to come!

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