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Sasaki Named Master Plan Architect for 776 Summer Street

Sasaki has been retained by HRP and Redgate Capital Partners as master planner for the implementation phase of L Street Station, an innovation district anchored by research and development, residential, retail and cultural uses in South Boston.

The district will be created on the site of the South Boston Edison Power Station, a 15.2-acre parcel at 776 Summer Street, that includes significant historic landmark buildings that will be adaptively-reused. Sequestered for over a century from the surrounding communities, and decommissioned for over a decade, the remediated site and repurposed historic elements will now become accessible to the public as a signature district, as well as a crossroads providing connection to surrounding businesses, retail, and residential areas in the Seaport and South Boston.

The new innovation district will comprise 1.68 million square feet of research and development, including 860,000 square feet of office and research and development space, up to 635 residential units, a hotel of up to 240 keys, 80,000 square feet of retail, and 15,000 square feet of cultural space. Redevelopment will include transformation of the historic turbine halls of the Edison Power Station into a dynamic retail concept and additional office space. Facing Boston’s Reserved Channel, the district will additionally provide approximately 5.7 acres of outdoor public amenity space, including a 2.5 acre waterfront zone that will integrate industrial elements from the site’s storied past to celebrate the site’s and the neighborhood’s unique histories. The district’s open spaces will create a dynamic ground plane, offering amenity, and providing multiple opportunities for programming and events.

Functioning as master planners and curators of the vision for the overall site, Sasaki is responsible for orchestrating the synthesis of buildings, public realm elements, and site infrastructure, while integrating the overall public realm to ensure a cohesive, vibrant, and elegant district.

For more information, contact: Victor Vizgaitis or Paul Schlapobersky

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