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Sasaki at 2019 SCUP Conference

Two Sasaki projects, the University at Buffalo Housing Master Plan and the Virginia Tech Campus Master Plan, received SCUP merit awards. This week, the principals heading these successful projects—Caitlyn Clauson, Chair of Interdsciplinary Initiatives, and Greg Havens, AIA, AICP—along with eight other leaders in our campus practice, attended the annual SCUP conference in Seattle. The event attracted planning leaders across various colleges, universities, and independent schools, and included keynote addresses, workshops, tours, and topical sessions.

In addition to running an exhibit booth over the duration of the conference, many of the Sasaki attendees led sessions at the conference, presenting on a range of topics impacting today’s academic institutions.

Clauson and fellow principal Romil Sheth led a sold-out, day-long campus tour of the University of Washington (UW) Seattle campus, highlighting the way that the university’s planning process influences development. SCUP attendees who joined the tour enjoyed exploring UW’s recently completed North Campus student housing and ate in a newly opened dining hall, while learning from two of the planners behind the campus’ development strategy.

Sasaki landscape architect Ian Scherling, ASLA discussed University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston’s transition to a pedestrian-friendly campus, focusing on the recently completed Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation project, and the creation of the Harborwalk Park. Scherling shared his experience implementing a master plan on an environmentally unique oceanside site with a fully occupied and operational campus. He also noted the importance of understanding state and local regulations in early design phases to ensure that the project’s implementation is as smooth as possible.

Later in the conference, principals Mary Anne Ocampo and Tyler Patrick, AICP considered how campus planning responds to fluctuations in state funding, using the University of North Dakota master plan as a case study. The two provided insight into the importance of a holistic planning process, realized by understanding fiscal realities and aligning specific goals with broader university strategy.

Finally, Patrick presented findings from a study on lactation policy and facilities in United States colleges and universities. The talk, titled Wellness and Lactation Spaces – the Law, Family Health, and Planning, emerged from a collaborative study between the University of Pennsylvania and SCUP.

Over the course of the conference, Sasaki’s attendees shared their enthusiasm for campus planning, while hearing from peers within and across disciplines. Conference-goers engaged with Sasaki during sessions and at the booth, asking questions and learning about Sasaki’s variety of campus projects and unique interdisciplinary design approach. Sasaki also hosted an evening event on Terra Plata’s roof deck, one of the most coveted settings in Seattle’s famed Capital Hill. Sasaki has a long-standing relationship with SCUP, and SCUP 2019 did not disappoint—Sasakians in attendance this year enjoyed three productive and inspiring days in Seattle.

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