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Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall at University of Nebraska Prioritizes Making Learning Visible

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall is part of a connected three-building complex that serves as the City Campus home of the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS).

The new design by Sasaki, in partnership with Sinclair Hille Architects of Lincoln, will deliver a dedicated, new, state-of-the-art, technologically-robust building customized to meet the evolving needs of students learning the latest pedagogical approaches.

Former Sasaki principal Lan Ying Ip discusses how Sasaki chose to rethink the site with community-building in mind.

Watch the video below to hear Ip’s thoughts.

The building recently topped off, reaching an exciting milestone. “It’s very special to gather to mark this significant milestone in the construction of our new home,” says Sherri Jones, Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS). “I’m so thankful to all those who have helped us reach this point, including former CEHS deans Marjorie Kostelnik and Beth Doll.” 

Sasaki spoke with former dean Kostelnik about how the team decided to prioritize making learning visible as a key feature of the design.

Watch the video below to hear from Kostelnik.

Stacey Chapman, an architect on the project, also examines how making learning visible contributes to the sense of community the new building seeks to foster.

Watch the video below to hear about making learning visible.

In addition to creating state-of-the-art, flexible classroom spaces, the design team studied a series of organizational strategies to make conducive collaborative interactions between the faculty, students, and visitors at Mabel Lee Hall. Chapman discusses some of these new spaces.

Watch the video below to learn about new spaces on campus.

The project was completed in 2022. 

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