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Bringing decentralized teams under the same roof for the first time improves creativity, collaboration, and innovation

SharkNinja Headquarters

SharkNinja Operating LLC
Needham, MA
178,000 SF
©Anton Grassl/ESTO
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Completed June 2017

Sasaki was engaged by SharkNinja to reimagine their headquarters in a new location in Needham, Massachusetts. Now complete, this 178,000 square foot project consolidates multiple locations to one site, bringing together corporate leadership, design, engineering, administration, and showroom spaces. The new headquarters for SharkNinja clearly, boldly, and visibly tells the story of the company. It communicates that this is a place with a breakthrough mindset—that innovation and creativity drive the company to go beyond what was thought possible.

Central to this effort is the creation of a place that celebrates its employees. It is welcoming, attractive, and forward-looking. It is an easy-to-use environment with seamless technology and spaces that are quickly adaptable. The headquarters facilitates interaction and collaboration to drive a high-performance, purposeful business—inspiring creativity and allowing work to be done efficiently and intelligently.

A major driver for the relocation of SharkNinja’s new headquarters building was to consolidate and maximize efficiencies. SharkNinja was previously located in four buildings, across six floors, and between two cities. This resulted in a highly inefficient company environment, forcing employees to duplicate programs. Executives were often traveling between buildings and therefore needing a private office in each. Engineers were traveling from their workspace to other floors and buildings to work with team members, and to access the engineering and testing labs, and prototyping rooms. Having these spaces so separate was impeding their workflow and not allowing for maximum collaboration opportunities.

The new workspace allows all departments, employees, and functions to be under one roof for the very first time. Duplicated programs were consolidated and the efficiencies and overall value of the day-to-day workflow and social activities have exponentially improved.

The product, the talent, and the process is clearly evident, outwardly expressing that this is the most innovative brand in the industry. The consumer experience is of the highest importance, and overall, the new headquarters demonstrates that SharkNinja is a brand that has a significant and meaningful impact on people’s lives.

This project was not about extravagant use of materials. It was about the functionality and use of the space. It was about creating a space that would improve and enhance the day-to-day workflow of its users, allowing product production to accelerate and new ideas to flourish. Moreover, it was about weaving together two brands, Shark and Ninja, into one cohesive environment.

For more information contact Victor Vizgaitis.

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