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Envisioning a campus where learning can take place anywhere and students are engaged in a holistic curriculum and nurturing community from K-12

Greenwich Academy Master Plan

Greenwich Academy
Greenwich, CT
39 acres
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
Completed 2018

The master plan for Greenwich Academy (GA) envisions a campus befitting the school’s status as a preeminent educational institution. The recommendations present a comprehensive vision for a unified campus. The GA Master Plan was driven by key factors, including improving the parity of space across the learning environments, enhancing the campus environment—including development, landscape, open space, and mobility—and supporting the implementation of the academic strategic plan.

Foundational to the master plan are rationalized pedestrian and vehicular mobility systems that foster the dynamic interactions of the campus community and improve accessibility and safety for everyone. The integrated landscape framework elaborates on the pedestrian paths at central campus locations, providing a place for assembly and impromptu interactions, and enhances the natural systems of the campus. New buildings and strategic renovations improve parity across learning environments, and provide visual and physical connections to the landscape. This holistic approach to the campus extends learning beyond the classroom, supporting the inquiry-based approach of the GA curriculum.

Recognizing that community is integral to the GA experience, gathering spaces are celebrated in every recommendation. These spaces serve GA students, faculty, and staff as well as parents, alumni, and students from the Brunswick School who visit campus daily.

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