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Sasaki Leaders Present at TEC Wellbeing 360 Conference

Sasaki principals Dennis Pieprz, Honorary ASLA and Pablo Savid-Buteler, LEED, AP were invited to participate in Universidad Tecmilenio’s 2020 Wellbeing 360 Conference. They were selected to present during the portion of the conference that focuses on Thriving Cities, which is presented in partnership with Distrito Tec.

Pieprz delivered a keynote address on urban trends entitled “Accelerated Urbanism.” He discussed issues triggered by the pandemic, and spoke about a number of Sasaki projects to demonstrate how designers and planners can envision a way forward. These included Sasaki’s work on Las Salinas in Chile, the Chicago Riverwalk, Kabul Urban Design Framework in Afghanistan, Praderas New Community in Chile, and Lakeview Village Master Plan in Canada. Over 6,000 viewers attended the keynote.

Savid-Buteler presented on a panel with Rosan Bosch, founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio, to reflect on how design can promote wellbeing and the experience of happiness in public spaces. Savid-Buteler and Bosch approached the topic from opposite scales: Savid-Buteler focused on approaching the design of large buildings and public spaces while Bosch discussed the design of interior environments from the individual’s perspective. 

In particular, Savid-Buteler looked at the impact of ephemeral/temporary design interventions and their potential to promote communal experiences that could translate into long lasting memories. He also discussed transitional and pioneering design interventions in places that are in processes of consolidation, as well as larger, longer-lasting interventions that reinvent significant components of the city infrastructure into public destinations. 

After their presentations, Savid-Buteler and Bosch discussed the role that designers and other specialists play in creating opportunities for wellness in urban environments.


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