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Sasaki Director of Sustainability and Resilience Discusses Retrofitting Buildings for Sustainability with Forbes

“The most sustainable building is the one you don’t build,” Sasaki director of sustainability and resilience, Tamar Warburg, recently told Forbes. The article, “Don’t Tear Down that Old Building: Retrofit for Energy Efficiency” discusses ways the CRE industry can be more sustainable.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

“[Warburg] points out that one half of carbon emissions globally come from the built environment.

‘Before you begin any building project, you have to consider the carbon embedded in the materials, as well as the operational carbon in things like heating systems,’ she says. ‘Consider the source of the energy, not just the amount. Don’t just look at the investment cost, look at the overall lifetime cost and determine: where’s the break-even point?’

‘If we re-use and upgrade existing buildings, we are greener on every front.’”

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