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Custom Tradeoff Dashboards

Useful data can make all the difference. It can often be the key that unlocks a powerful new line of inquiry. We frequently encounter these ah-ha moments with our clients when rigorous and clear analysis causes them to ask questions they had not previously considered.

With such a proliferation of data, there is no lack of information. However, creating intuitive ways to process and utilize existing data is a consistent struggle across industries. Sasaki’s specialist team of data analysts, software programmers, and data visualization specialists build custom dashboards for project teams to ensure clients have a full picture of the challenges they face and the solutions available to them.


Understanding tradeoffs is a key to good decision making and these custom-designed dashboards facilitate more transparent decision-making by changing key inputs in real time. Our student life dashboard, for example, visualizes the interrelationship between variables like double bed count and laundry relative to budget costs. Armed with this tool, clients can continue to gather the latest insights before making investments.

To learn more about custom dashboards, contact Director of Sasaki Strategies, Ken Goulding.

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