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Resilient landscape design to protect and enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment

University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

As a leader in progressive climate resilient design, DLANDstudio was engaged by the University of Hawaii at Manoa to redesign a research campus for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR).

Building upon our analysis of the unique confluence of hydrologic, transportation, and infrastructure systems in Honolulu, the campus is intended to become a new paradigm of sustainable academic design.

The campus sits adjacent to Manoa Stream at the mid-point between the lush rain forest of the mountains and the more arid climate of Waikiki beach on Oahu. Honolulu is a unique city that extends from mountains to shore under a single municipal jurisdiction, allowing hydrologic and jurisdictional environments to align. Our plan benefits valuable campus facilities located downstream while also enhancing the function, legibility, and beauty of the upland ecology.

New buildings, demonstration gardens, and landscapes designed to manage periodic floods enhance the education, research, and laboratory facilities. At the interface between residential neighborhood and university campus, the landscape and buildings create an attractive threshold for public event spaces. Regular educational programming, volunteer opportunities, and an ongoing partnership with local elementary and secondary schools deepen the community connections.

Working beyond the limitations of USACE practice, the design mitigates impacts of flash flooding during storm events with lush landscapes that absorb the fluid and force of floods. Inspired by the indigenous landscape of Hawaii, the project uses landscape design to protect, educate, and enhance the beauty of the surrounding community.

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