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A vacant lot is transformed into a city's front porch and a new center of commerce

Argenta Plaza

City of North Little Rock
North Little Rock, AR
1 acre
Tim Hursley; North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau
Work completed by team while at DLANDstudio and in collaboration with Taggart Architects
Completed 2020

Argenta Plaza is a new urban park space located on the historic Main Street of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Formerly a vacant lot, the 34,320-square-foot plaza emerged from the dust to become a vibrant hive of activity downtown.

The park design is inspired by regional geography, cultural history, and local business interest. Since its opening in the fall of 2020, the plaza has attracted significant new economic development for the city including a new corporate headquarters, a mixed-use office building, and the North Little Rock Welcome Center, which uses the space as a true city center for activities and events.

“In my nearly 30 years of working for our city this is going to be the biggest economic development generator we have ever done.”

—North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith

A pixelated camouflage paving pattern meets bermed grass landscapes formed to mimic the surrounding riparian landscape. Shaded swings attract visitors and create a uniquely playful and elegant street edge. Structures inspired by local barns and manufacturing buildings reflect the activity of the plaza through mirrored surfaces while a 50-foot long water wall anchors the back of the site.

A new stage and video wall enables community gatherings, live performances, and the viewing of movies and sporting events.

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