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Two Sasaki Projects Honored with 2021 MIPIM Asia Awards

Sasaki is proud to announce that two of our projects have been named award winners by the MIPIM Asia Awards 2021.

After reviewing all of this year’s entries, the awards jury shortlisted 3 winners for each of the 11 project categories – totaling 33 winning projects. They then awarded each of the 3 projects a Bronze, Silver, or Gold honor.

This year, our Baoshan Steel Park, in Shanghai, was awarded the Silver medal, and Luohu Public Realm Revitalization, in Shenzhen, won the Bronze medal in the Best Futura Mega Project category.

More about Baoshan Steel Park

Baoshan Steel Park re-imagines a retired steel plant as part of a growing green artery in a new innovation district. Inspired by the site’s rich history and district master plan, the project integrates education, arts, industrial memory, and smart lifestyle elements into an urban green destination. The project aims to re-energize the site by strengthening its urban axis, restoring its ecology and facilitating urban culture. The park systematically preserves the original conveyor system, manufacturing facilities and equipment clusters and adapts them in the forms of paths, public buildings and gardens as the spatial structure of the new green artery.

More about Luohu Public Realm Revitalization

The Luohu Public Realm Revitalization project aims to systematically improve the public realm and urban structure of Luohu District and align the district’s urban regeneration effort with its position as Shenzhen’s commercial center. The design concept, ‘From Luohu Bridge to the Artery of Life’, uses public open-space corridors and transportation hubs as catalysts to rejuvenate Luohu into a more vibrant urban district. The plan restructured Luohu’s open-space system, introduced surgical redevelopment and infill projects, and created complete streets. Its bold vision in urban regeneration and holistic streetscape improvement has inspired city management and design professionals in multiple latitudes.

Congratulations to all the other award winning projects and design teams! Check out the full list of winning projects on MIPIM’s website.

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