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Sasaki Design Team Gives Tour of Xuhui Runway Park

On April 10, Sasaki and AIA Shanghai organized a weekend tour of Xuhui Runway Park for a group of almost thirty architects. Sasaki associates and landscape designers Zhu Yu and Tianwen Zhou led the tour sharing the design ideas for the park, the site’s history as a former airport runway, and the interesting stories that happened throughout the design process and during construction.

There were seven learning objectives for the group during the tour: 

  1. How to connect the site’s history with modern life?
  2. How to provide diverse programs and social equity?
  3. How to connect with public transportation on site?
  4. How to couple the environmental sustainability with context sensitive design?
  5. How to manage stormwater in the rain garden system?
  6. How to preserve and reuse the existing materials?
  7. How to use locally sourced material to support sustainability? 

The team explained the seven objectives in detail and shared the design process and features of the park. The AIA group raised a lot of interesting questions for the team, giving lots of positive feedback on its implementation. Overall it was a great way to spend the beautiful spring Saturday. 

See more photos from the walk below! 

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