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Returning to CU Boulder to Set New Plans in Motion

Sasaki is embarking on a campus master plan with the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), nearly sixty years after the firm’s initial planning effort was completed in 1962. The 2020 Campus Master Plan (CMP) presents an opportunity to translate the university’s strategic initiatives into physical form within the campus setting.

The university has a tremendous legacy of planning that has resulted in a stunning campus environment. That planning legacy has continued recently with the completion of several studies including the Strategic Facilities Visioning (SFV), Housing Master Plan (HMP), Transportation Master Plan (TMP), and Energy Master Plan (EMP).

The purpose of this new campus master plan is to create a long-term facilities development strategy that integrates the findings of these recent campus initiatives while ensuring a return on the university’s mission of education and research and promoting the chancellor’s strategic imperatives of lead, innovate, and impact. The master plan will address the dual goals of preserving the buildings and landscape that define campus character as well as the need to identify campus areas for opportunity and improvement. Also critical to the effort is ensuring that the university’s physical space is resilient, and that it is managed, developed, and improved to meet the current and future academic and research priorities. This includes addressing deferred maintenance and renewal.

“The Sasaki team looks forward to accomplishing these goals within the context of a collaborative and inclusive process,” says principal in charge on the project, Tyler Patrick AICP. “Success will be defined by our collective ability to realize a holistic vision for the campus that is mindful of limited resources and that is focused on attainable and implementable solutions.”

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