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Boston Planning and Development Agency Releases Draft of Fort Point 100 Acres Open Space Concept Plan

Sasaki is currently engaged in planning and landscape design for 5.5 acres of proposed open spaces in the Fort Point neighborhood in South Boston. Building on previous plans and community input, Sasaki is working with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) to create an imaginative and grounded vision for the Fort Point Channel and the neighborhood’s open spaces.

The BPDA has shared the following update:

Following a yearlong public engagement process, BPDA has released the draft Fort Point 100 Acres Open Space Concept Plan for community feedback. The draft plan builds on the 100 Acres Master Plan and Climate Ready Boston, and establishes more detailed park designs for an open space network at the heart of the Fort Point neighborhood as it grows over time. The proposed park network strengthens connections to the waterfront, creates a more resilient community, and expands recreation, events, and green space access.

The open spaces are designed to become year-round destinations for Boston as whole, while also meeting current and future local neighborhood needs. An underlying focus of this plan is for the parks to be resilient and welcoming to all. Strategies to create a more inclusive park network are woven tightly throughout the recommendations in this plan.

The draft Fort Point 100 Acres Open Space Concept Plan will serve as a guide for future development of open space resources as the 100 Acres is built out. This plan describes a vision for a connected set of distinct, destination-quality open space experiences, reflective of community priorities and needs identified through research and analysis. In addition, the ground floor recommendations in this plan identify opportunities for indoor spaces to enhance the district experience.

Explore the draft here and feel free to share your thoughts with the team.

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