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Fort Point Design Team Engages with Public in Virtual Forum

The Fort Point 100 Acres Open Space team participated in the first-ever virtual edition of the Boston Harbor Now Public Use Forum on April 22.

The event was hosted by Boston Harbor Now, and Sasaki presented with our Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) client team. Virtual meeting attendance reached as high as 120 people during the session. The Sasaki team incorporated Poll Everywhere questions during the meeting and were able to source some valuable feedback to help move the 100 Acres project forward.

Sasaki presented the three main proposed design schemes for the project—Urban Wilderness, Community Living Room, and Flex Space/Outdoor Gallery—and solicited input from forum participants via live survey prompts and questions submitted to presenters in the chat.

The Sasaki team has now participated in four public outreach sessions, and will work to synthesize all the feedback gathered from these sessions into developing an open space plan that celebrates and enhances Fort Point’s future green spaces.

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