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A global land grant institution sets its sights on connecting a network of campuses, while enhancing infrastructure and mobility, resiliency, and campus amenities

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Campus Master Plan Update

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, VA
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Space Planning
Completed 2018
Society for College and University Planning, Merit Award for Planning for an Existing Campus

The Virginia Tech Master Plan guides the physical development of the Blacksburg, Roanoke, and National Capital Region campuses to support the vision of the academic strategic plan, Beyond Boundaries.

The master plan envisions the global land grant institution as a thriving interconnected system of campuses with enhanced infrastructure and mobility, vibrant mixed use districts, interdisciplinary academic facilities, resilient natural systems, and improved campus life amenities.

The plan aims to establish a long-term and forward looking vision that will place Virginia Tech at the forefront of higher education. The emerging vision is one defined by “destination areas”—the themes around which interdisciplinary teaching, research, and outreach activities will be organized. This implies a move toward a more interdisciplinary and dynamic range of programs, activities, and partnerships with other institutions, businesses, and industries.

This emerging vision will require a new strategy for the Blacksburg campus, the Roanoke campus, and for Virginia Tech’s sites in the National Capital Region. It will require:

  • New ways of organizing people and space with the goal of fostering engagement, interaction, and collaboration.
  • Spatial arrangements will need to encourage innovation and new working relationships that go beyond established disciplines.
  • Innovation districts, collaboration hubs, and a more deliberate integration of living and learning environments are anticipated outcomes.

Environments that enable students to explore the full range of what Virginia Tech has to offer but with the guidance and direction that will lead to academic success.

For more information contact Greg Havens.

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