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Lagonissi Grand Resort

Helios Hotels
Lagonissi, Greece
24 hectares
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Located on a magnificent site with an extensive beachfront shoreline and commanding views over the Aegean Sea, the Lagonissi Grand Resort is a luxury destination in Greece. The resort property is comprised of 24 hectares located in the vicinity of Attica, about 40 kilometers south from downtown Athens and the International Venizelos Airport. It is an easily accessible destination for Athenians as well as tourists from around the world. Sasaki’s master plan for the project brings together previously dispersed programmatic components of the resort and reorganizes its public realm, landscape, and development parcels, creating the setting for amenities like a destination conference center, an exclusive boutique hotel, a cluster of private residential villas, and a 150 sailboat marina and ferry terminal. The master plan provides a road map for the implementation of several infrastructure, landscape, and architecture projects that repositioning the resort as a year-round destination while maintaining operations. This phased approach, combined with the zoning of the various projects, allowed for periods of intensive construction and redevelopment during peak usage. These enhancements create a new image and skyline for the resort and provide a rich pedestrian experience on its grounds.

The conference center, located at the center of the peninsula, was the catalyst project for redevelopment that followed. The building, linked to the existing hotel, provides an infrastructure, utilities, service, cooking, and catering center for the entire resort. The multi-level, high-bay structure accommodates assembly functions for up to 6,000 simultaneous visitors. The building is composed of five levels of underground parking, two plazas and vehicular concourses, three ballroom type meeting halls, numerous meeting rooms, a business center, a 250-person theater, and food and beverage outlets.

Located next to the conference center on a natural promontory overlooking the sea, the boutique hotel is comprised of a cluster of buildings unified by a podium, bridges, and terraces. The compound of buildings emerges from the terrain at different heights, reflecting the natural topography in built form. The hotel is organized into distinctive tower-like pieces in order to minimize the overall scale of the complex as it sits on the site and as it relates to the existing architecture of the resort; to take better advantage of the views and orientation available; to provide a distinctive identity to the different building uses; and to provide variety in the accommodation offerings.

The conference center, boutique hotel, and villas projects allowed the resort to achieve a much desired enhancement and diversification of its accommodation portfolio while completely reorganizing and greening its operational infrastructure. Perhaps more significant than this conversion is the transformation of the property’s landscape and buildings, which brings unity and cohesion to the setting and adds distinct character to the resort.

For more information contact Pablo Savid-Buteler.

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