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Putting financial associates and their community at the center of planning a new workspace

Financial Services Company Prototype Call Center

Jacksonville, FL
53,000 SF
Jump Studios
©Edward Caruso
Interior Design
completed March 2018

Competition for talent in the financial services industry in Jacksonville is so high that when this large financial services company planned this prototype call center, they put their associates and their community at the center of planning the new workspace.

Sasaki collaborated with the London based Jump Studios to reinvision the experience of coming to work for this financial services company. The workforce young demographic center demanded agility of work options, transparent team structures and inspiration to continue their high-performance. With almost 400 employees in 50,000 SF across two floors, this location was chosen to pilot the new call center format. This company recognized the opportunity that pioneering this office program would attract and retain top talent.

With a central reception area, café and group gathering area at the heart of the space, the new workplace connects two floors with double-height openings and a social staircase. Located close to this large central space is a wellness room, mother’s room, and a personalized locker for each associate. Florida sunshine and potted plantings flood the work and collaboration areas all around the office. This new space model focuses on enhancing the quality of the experience and is supportive of continual learning and moments to re-energize.

Each associate is a part of a team and needs to stay close to this structure.  Each team member can take calls at their desk but they also have options for other ways of working that are all very close by.  Wireless headphones allow them, at different times during a call or during the day, to sit on a nearby couch, sit at a standing desk, grab a quick cup of coffee or sit in many other configurations provided nearby.

Amenities are scattered throughout the two floors rather than in a central location.  Amenities are divided and distributed so associates have small-sized amenities within close proximity to their desks. This more urban approach to amenities scales down spaces, and creates more of them to share. Associates have areas to focus, meet, and relax within close proximity of their team zones, creating a new model for a high-performance, community-driven workspace.

For more information contact Elizabeth von Goeler.

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