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A light-filled "chapel for food" elevates the central dining experience for Clemson University

Clemson University Core Campus Dining Facility

Clemson University
Clemson, SC
80,500 SF
Stevens & Wilkinson
©Jonathan Hillyer
Additional Services
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Completed September 2016

The Clemson University Core Campus Dining Facility is a 81,000 square foot, 1,200 seat modern food service facility that offers freshly prepared daily meals via a variety of open cooking venues and houses five different late night retail venues and a small P.O.D. convenience store.

As part of Clemson’s redevelopment of its “Core Campus,” construction of this dining facility proceeded in tandem with new student housing construction, designed by VMDO Architects. These projects as a whole address the growing demand for contemporary housing and dining options in support of the university’s goals of retaining more sophomore students on campus, and maintaining its position in the top 20 national public universities.

A new pedestrian spine, the “Clemson Walk”, connects Fort Hill to the south and Alpha Beta Drive to the north and acts as a key organizing space of the Core Complex. The new dining hall is located along the edge of the Clemson Walk and helps define a new urban edge with courtyards and terraces enlivened by the surrounding dining entrances, retail venues, outdoor seating, and colorful seasonal landscapes.

The Main Dining Hall is highlighted along the Clemson Walk by a stately brick colonnade, book-ended by two-story glass spaces that are accessed via welcoming entry porches. A sculptural folding roof, visible from the Clemson Walk, extends east to west over the two-story dining space that opens onto a mezzanine, and folds down the west elevation to define the grand two-story dining hall.

The project is projected to be certified LEED® NC Silver.

For more information contact Fiske Crowell or Ivelisse Otero.

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