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Cultivating a new relationship between farmland and urban development that supports a sustainable regional food network and community

Ananas New Community

ACM Homes
Silang, Philippines
247 hectares; 610 acres
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
Completed May 2015
The PLAN, Future Urban Planning Award
Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award – Analysis and Planning
American Planning Association, Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Achievement Award

Ananas represents a bold approach to urban development that celebrates the agricultural, social, and ecological heritage of the Philippines. This new vision cultivates—within the context of an evolving urban district—an ecosystem that actively supports a more sustainable regional food network. By preserving the local region’s role and identity as Manila’s Food Basket, and drawing from the essential elements of Filipino culture, Ananas represents a wholly new paradigm of urban living.

The plan seeks to reconfigure traditional relationships between farmland and urban development. A series of Pollinator Paths, linear community gardens with a range of plot types, are distributed within the plan so that every resident has access to an agricultural plot in less than a two-minute walk. This novel form of urban agriculture allows existing farmers to continue working the land while mentoring newer residents in local farming practices. Related community and agricultural programs, such as restaurants, markets, and a culinary school, are located immediately adjacent to the Pollinator Paths, creating further opportunities for economic development and innovation.

In-depth research of the local environment and ecology was used to support a comfortable microclimate at the neighborhood and building scales. A verdant, connected, and functional landscape network of agricultural plots, eco-corridors, and parks ensure the recharge of the region’s aquifer, while promoting walking and biking. Plazas, sidewalks and trails tie the natural landscape with civic, cultural and entertainment spaces allowing the community to connect with nature and with each other.

A mix of residential, civic, education, retail, and service uses underpin a holistic community. The integration of employment opportunities with diverse residential offerings will foster a new model of development that is less car-dependent and more sustainable. Ananas responds to Filipino’s aspirations of living in a place that will make a positive impact on their environment and lives.

For more information contact Dennis Pieprz.

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