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Online website standardizes density measures, creating a valuable resource for cultivating shared understanding of density across geographies to inform urban planning

Parametric design saved countless hours and revealed innumerable possibilities for generating the unique line patterns at Akamai Technologies' Kendall Square HQ

Sasaki's Kate Tooke published a deep dive into a post-occupancy study she conducted at Smale Riverfront Park. The article originally appeared in the National Recreation and Parks Association's (NRPA) magazine, Parks and Recreation

Beyond structural integrity, terra cotta offers several unique benefits for use: it is more environmentally friendly than concrete, can be set in many forms, and can be glazed to take on any appearance. A team embarks on material exploration

“We are disrupting our industry by questioning why and how we work, from the smallest workflow adjustment to a major shift in building technology that vastly improves how humans experience our buildings,” says the head of Sasaki's Technical Resources Group (TRG)

A research paper by  Youngjin Lee, AIA, LEED® AP and Bomin Kim, AIA CPHC, has been published in an international blind peer-review journal, Advances in Computational Design. The paper, “Genetic Algorithms for Balancing Multiple Variables in Design Practice,” examines computational practices that allow designers to consider multiple variables at once

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