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Akamai: A Mile-Long Pattern

Tasked with designing the offices of Akamai, the world’s leading content delivery network service, Sasaki’s interiors team drew inspiration from the idea of network connectivity to tie the office space together. The team sought to incorporate a randomized line pattern throughout the building to create a continuous strip that unwrapped throughout each floor, physically connecting the client’s collaborative and social gathering spaces.


Through initial studies of random line patterns, the team extrapolated the rules for a successful and aesthetically pleasing composition to inform the logic of their script, incorporating rules to define the desirable pattern density, orientation of the lines as well as material and construction tolerances. Each line is impacted by the previously drawn line, adapting as the pattern evolves to achieve the desirable pattern density.

Using the script, the design team was able to quickly generate and apply the pattern, investing the time saved by the application of the script to fully explore the design. The pattern spans the entire building, from top to bottom, stitching 19 floors together along a one-mile-long path, cleverly dubbed the “Akamile.”

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