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Xuhui Runway Park Wins IFLA AAPME Excellence Award

This week, the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia-Pacific announced the winners of the 2020 IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East (AAPME) Awards. Sasaki is honored to have received an Award of Excellence in the Economic Viability category for our Xuhui Runway Park.

This is the second year for the IFLA AAPME award, an international award for landscape design and planning open to all IFLA regions and practitioners around the world for projects within the Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East region. The topic this year was “Global Call for Resilience,” with each winning project displaying resilience strategies incorporated into their designs.

The IFLA awards jury commended Xuhui Park “for demonstrating great example of adaptive re-use in landscape design by showing respect for the historical value of the landscape and maintaining the memory of the place.”

Congratulations to our project team, and to all the other award-winning projects this year!

The IFLA AAPME 2020 Awards is a prestigious global award initiated by the IFLA associations in the African, Asia-Pacific, and Middle Eastern (AAPME) regions. Since its conception in 2018, the objective of the AAPME awards is to serve as an advocacy platform for the critical responsibility of landscape architects in today’s dynamic environment. In its second iteration, the IFLA AAPME 2020 Awards focuses on recognizing exemplary projects that promote climate change adaptation, responsible practice, and the pursuit of joint efforts to address issues of resilience building. Learn more at

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