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Vizgaitis Speaks on Parcel A-2

Last week, Sasaki principal Victor Vizgaitis, AIA, spoke at a Massachusetts Building Congress event with John Hynes, CEO of Boston Global Investors, and Jeffery Gouveia, President of Suffolk Construction’s Northeast region. The three discussed their company’s respective role in the development of the Parcel A-2 (10 World Trade) in Boston’s Seaport.

“This is not just a community-accessible space outside, but also a community-accessible space inside. We want this to literally be a doorway that connects in and through all levels for people to come and enjoy this site,” said Vizgaitis of the project’s larger goal.

Vizgaitis is leading the Sasaki architecture team in the design of the Seaport’s newest addition. “All of this comes from the structural solution. Faced with the challenge of the Silver Line coming beneath the building, we’re going to have to think creatively,” he noted of the building’s unique design. “How can we create this great hall on the ground floor so that there isn’t a column every 30 feet? The building utilizes this arch structure, and really is almost a bridge that sits on top of the site—barely touching the ground, except at the four corners.”

This arch structure creates not only a unique façade, but also satisfies one of the main objectives behind the building’s design: creating an inviting public space. “These arches do interesting things in terms of how the ground floor of the building is perceived as a portal, as an entry way into the site as opposed to a barrier,” adds Vizgaitis.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Parcel A-2 plans continue to develop.

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