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The Expanded Desk: Mobility Within Office Walls

In this week’s NEREJ issue, Sasaki Principal Victor Vizgaitis AIA LEED® AP expands on the discussion of open-office plan design, pointing out that the loss of private office space does not mean a loss of individual work space.

Rather, companies can and should think about how an employee’s “desk” can now encompass the whole office. For example, at the award-winning Havas/Arnold Worldwide’s Boston headquarters—a design and build-out led by Victor and team—in the course of a day, employees armed with laptops and Wi-fi can roam from clusters of individual work stations, to cafĂ© table, to standing work bench, to collaboration room, to staircase seating, to soft seating areas that replicate the comfort of a private living room. For a creative company that thrives when face-to-face interaction spurs innovation and creative spark, having happy and productive workers on the move within the confines of the office is critical to conducting good business.

Read the full article here.

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Photograph courtesy of ©Robert Benson.

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