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Sasakians Present at Virtual 2020 ABX Conference

Six Sasakians presented the 2020 ABX conference which took place virtually on December 2 and 3. Read more about the presentations below and learn more about the conference here.

Girl Uninterrupted: Trends from Coast to Coast

Wednesday, December 2, 12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Sasaki speaker: Mary Anne Ocampo

The Girl UNinterrupted Project bridges the gap between young designers and leaders in architecture, targeting both groups. This workshop is a reflection of Girl UNinterrupted’s research on design equity in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC. It will highlight gaps in the design profession when it comes to young designers and negotiation, career growth, and work-life balance as well as resolutions on what can be done to minimize that gap. The research will be presented alongside a panel discussion with women in the architectural community from a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and roles. The workshop will pair quantitative and qualitative findings from surveys and interviews with a real time conversation with panelists on issues today, challenges they may have faced, and how we can work together to create more equitable environments.

The Role of Women’s Colleges in Higher Education Today

On demand

Sasaki speakers: Mary Anne Ocampo, Caitlyn Clauson, Shannon Hasenfratz, Sneha Lohotekar

What can we learn from the evolution of historically women’s colleges to inform the design and planning of inclusive spaces? How can these spaces support the advancement of underrepresented communities? This workshop will share lessons learned from recent planning projects at US-based women’s colleges to facilitate a discussion around how spaces for higher education can impact women’s learning and eventual advancement in fields of their choice. The workshop encourages participants to share their educational experiences and reflect upon how different pedagogies, spaces, and systems have impacted their current roles.

Building Resilience in the Charles Through Floating Wetlands

On demand

Sasaki speaker: Tao Zhang, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP-ND, SITES AP

The Charles River Conservancy (CRC) believes that returning swimming to the Charles is the ultimate sign of a restored river. In the last 25 years, significant investment has brought this vision within reach, but challenges remain. Harmful algal blooms have emerged as the biggest barrier to regular river swimming and are only projected to increase, fueled by climate change’s rising temperatures and increased rainfall. 

To address this growing issue, the CRC is partnering with Northeastern and Foth to pilot a floating wetland, the first of its kind on the Charles. Research will offer data that is needed to understand algal blooms, quantify the scale at which water quality could be improved, engage the public in a conversation about the relationship between ecology and water quality, and offer a model that can be used to strengthen other rivers’ ecologies, making them more resilient to the pressures of urban development and climate change.

Bridging and Thermal Continuity of the Building Skin

On demand

Sasaki speaker: Bradford J. Prestbo, FAIA, CDT, CSI

Balconies, floor/wall interfaces, shelf angles, canopies/ overhangs, penetrations, and parapets have a significant impact upon energy performance, condensation resistance, building durability, and occupant comfort. This session will explore the importance of thermal bridging in Massachusetts and warmer climates further south. It will also go over current codes and standards, including upcoming revisions to the ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard. The speakers will address multiple building types, wall construction, and costs, showing real-world/built examples of how thermal bridging can be mitigated at areas all around the building skin.

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