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Abstract: Rethinking the Future of Campus

As we find ourselves well into the digital revolution and processing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on education worldwide, the future consumes most discussions: what’s to come in the next few years? What will the next big technological breakthrough be? How will educational delivery evolve as we emerge from a global health crisis reshaping a generation? 


The schools that are innovatively evolving today are embracing that change is the only constant and adapting accordingly. The best way to prepare students for life after graduation is to teach them change is not an unwelcome challenge, but rather an opportunity to apply themselves in new and surprising ways. And the best way for schools to stay relevant is to evolve flexibly, fully anticipating new demands at the planning and building level, integrating technology, and incorporating indoor/outdoor experiences where possible.

In an article appearing in the March issue of Chinese design journal Time + Architecture, we explore how flexible framework planning, flexible architecture, technological adaptation, and integrated indoor and outdoor campus design, all contribute to embracing flux as an agent for innovation.

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