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Mayor Wu Selects Sasaki Landscape Architect Diana Fernandez Bibeau as Deputy Chief of Urban Design

Boston, July 15 — Mayor Michelle Wu and the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) announced the appointment of Diana Fernandez Bibeau as the new Deputy Chief of Urban Design to craft and execute a human-scale and inclusive vision for the design of the built environment across Boston.

Fernandez Bibeau was recruited by Mayor Wu for her expertise in designing equitably and her research in landscape heterogeneity.

“Diana is a dynamic problem solver and inclusive designer with years of experience working to reimagine how our built environment can reflect and empower our communities. I’m thrilled to bring her vision to the work we do everyday in city government,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “I look forward to Diana joining Chief Jemison and the Boston Planning and Development Agency to elevate design across our city and partner in this very important work.”

While at Sasaki, Fernandez Bibeau’s work spanned a broad range of projects from planning to built work. Fernandez Bibeau is a proven thinker, collaborator and leader, who teams effortlessly with architects, planners, urban designers, ecologists and civil engineers on the design of equitable and sustainable places.

“I would not be here without the support, mentorship and wisdom Sasakians have shared with me over the years,” Fernandez Bibeau said. “I am proud to have worked with you on projects like the Frederick Douglass Memorial and our Coastal and Heat Resilience work.”

“We are excited for Diana and her next chapter helping to reshape Boston with an equitable and inclusive design approach,” says Michael Grove, Sasaki principal and chair of Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, & Ecology. “Her new role speaks to her ethos, as well as to our values at Sasaki. It is heartwarming to see not only a landscape architect — but also a fantastic human — shaping the City we call home for future generations.”

Sasaki looks forward to continuing to work with Fernandez Bibeau in her new position with the City of Boston and wishes her great success in her new role.

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