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James Miner Discusses Sasaki’s Ethos with American Builders Quarterly

Sasaki’s CEO, James Miner, AICP, recently sat down with American Builders Quarterly to delve into the Sasaki culture, our emerging project work, and the firm’s philosophies behind every design. Miner highlights our efforts to create a more equitable, resilient future through community outreach and public engagement on projects, internal research grants and support of the Sasaki Foundation non-profit arm, and continually innovating design through R&D and collaboration.

In the piece, Miner touches on a few key projects that help to illustrate the breadth of Sasaki’s work. He highlights Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District, a master plan that focuses on the integration of agricultural production with urban recreation in Shanghai; Chicago Riverwalk, a redesign of six straight blocks along the Chicago River for the ecological, recreational, and economic benefit of the city; and Zidell Yards Master Plan, which creates a connected heart along the river out of the last undeveloped waterfront parcel in Portland, Oregon.

You can read the full piece here on ABQ, and look out for the print edition this summer with Miner’s interview featured as the cover story.

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