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Four Sasaki projects recognized in 2023 IFLA-APR Landscape Architecture Awards

Each year, the International Federation of Landscape Architects – Asia-Pacific Region (IFLA-APR) hosts the Landscape Architecture Awards to showcase the achievements of landscape architects and create continuous awareness of the unique role that design plays in shaping the future of our cities and environment. Sasaki is proud to have four projects receive recognition in both the Built and Unbuilt categories.

Bai’etan Exhibition Center Landscape – Honorable Mention in Built Projects, Cultural and Urban Landscape category

Located by the rear channel of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, China, the Bai’etan Exhibition Center spearheaded the transformation of Julong Bay into a resilient and vibrant mixed-use district. A former industrial site occupied by large warehouses, factories, and docks has become a public waterfront with a variety of spaces and programs that serve nearby communities.

The design team developed a series of innovative approaches which integrated ecological, social, and economic sustainability to embrace the site’s cultural identity, rehabilitate its degraded ecology, reduce the project’s carbon footprint, and lower construction and operation costs.

Huangshi Bay Park Master Plan – Honorable Mention in Unbuilt Projects, Agriculture category

Sasaki’s master plan for the 981-acre coastal park located in Yantai, China fully integrates the restoration of native marine ecosystems with an upgrade to aquaculture industries while introducing recreational programs into a multi-layered system. Protecting the site against environmental risks while ensuring cultural and economic success, the master plan positions Huangshi Bay Coastal Park as an innovative model for coastal rehabilitation in China.

Pingshan River Blueway Master Plan – Honorable Mention in Unbuilt Projects, Environmental category

The Pingshan River Blueway Master Plan proposes a resilient and vibrant riverfront corridor that is ecologically valuable, culturally memorable, and economically viable to the region and its rich Hakka heritage. The plan adapts three overarching strategies to holistically improve the Pingshan River landscape: ensure safety and restore the ecosystem to build a resilient waterfront; enhance cultural landscapes to better engage with and educate local communities; and integrate with the city to sustain long-term success.

Currently, the design development of the 1.3-mile-long pilot area has been completed, and project construction will start in October 2023. A beautiful scroll of Pingshan life will soon start to unfold, beginning at Pingshan River.

Huangqi Mountain South Master Plan – Honorable Mention in Unbuilt Projects, Recreational Network category

The Huangqi Mountain South Master Plan presents an opportunity to transform the region of Dongguan into an urban hub with ecological, recreational, and cultural significance. Taking inspiration from Dongguan’s previously renowned but presently overlooked fragrance culture, the design employs fragrance as a guiding force to weave together a network of recreational, cultural, and ecological programs through the implementation of Fragrance Journeys and Scent Boxes throughout the site.

By connecting to public transportation and incorporating slow traffic systems, the project aims to extend its influence beyond the site’s boundaries and transform Huangqi Mountain South into a recreational and cultural hub for the larger region.

Congratulations to all the design teams for this outstanding recognition.

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