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Climate Action Plans

Our sustainable design approach helps our educational, corporate and commercial, and civic clients meet their climate action plan goals for reducing their carbon emissions, energy use, and water use.

On Campus

Most of our education clients have adopted Climate Action Plans targeting specific sustainability goals and metrics. Some focus on resource use, including energy and water. Others seek to transform their campus into a living laboratory to educate students about the environment. Most set challenging goals for carbon emission reductions that we address in the design of our high-performance projects, including the design of net-zero buildings, sustainable landscapes with native and drought-tolerant species and storm water management, and planning design guidelines setting aspirational and realistic energy metrics.

In Corporate and Commercial Development

As we all strive to address climate change, many of our corporate and commercial clients come to us with aspirational climate change and wellness goals. Some seek LEED Platinum certifications to demonstrate their leadership on environmental responsibility, or WELL certification to invest in an ideal work environment for their staff, or both. We work closely with each client to tailor sustainability goals and metrics to their particular mission.

In Cities

Climate action policies by forward-thinking cities and states are evolving to require carbon reductions and resilience goals for built work in their jurisdictions. We work in cities from Berkeley to Boston which have set high goals for proposed projects: to build fossil fuel-free or net-zero buildings, or address sea level rise based on predicted rather than historic data. We work with each client to meet these goals as we prepare their buildings for a more sustainable future.

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