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University of North Dakota Academic Master Plan

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND
500 acres
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Space Planning
Completed April 2018

The goal of the Academic Master Plan is to establish a comprehensive framework for campus development consistent with the long-term vision set forth in the university’s strategic plan, One UND. The 2018 Academic Master Plan reconciles the commitment made to the state to reduce its deferred maintenance liability while, at the same time, reinforcing a strong and cohesive campus core. The plan focuses on accommodating academic space needs in coordination with other university-wide planning efforts.

The Academic Master Plan embodies the spirit and intent of the Strategic Plan through the physical form of the campus by supporting learning through strengthening programmatic adjacencies, enhancing discovery by prioritizing the addition of new teaching and research space, and honoring engagement by fostering a welcoming campus environment for all.


In an effort to become a more navigable and sustainable campus, the university’s development plans consider how best to utilize existing building assets. In many cases, the plan calls for the renovation of strategic and/or historic assets that contribute to the campus character. In the case of many other buildings, the deferred maintenance liability was too great to overcome. This, combined with the fact that the university actually has an excess supply of space above current demand, means that UND will see a net reduction in the overall amount of space on campus. The result is that UND will reduce its overall quantity of space while greatly improving the quality of space, thereby decreasing the overall deferred maintenance liability, lessening operational constraints, and facilitating collaborations across the campus.

For more information contact Tyler Patrick.

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