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Sophisticated whimsy makes this lobby sparkle, delivering a stellar first impression and a remarkable welcome experience

Two Freedom Lobby – Reston Town Center

Boston Properties
Reston, VA
3,000 SF
Jeremy Bittermann
Interior Design
Completed 2021

Sasaki was tasked with creating a revitalized, welcoming experience for an existing building lobby that both resonates with the building’s main tenant and complements the landlord’s larger portfolio. The result is timeless and highly engaging, evoking a sense of wonder while also offering a place of quiet calm.

The approach to the project was to focus on design as a tool for placemaking. The team wanted to transform the lobby space into an experience which would truly welcome visitors and tenants, using design elements to activate the space, inviting people to slow down and linger. The concept uses textures, color, and light to make a strong visual connection throughout the entire space.

Magical Ceiling

A playful, undulating back-lit ceiling forms a continuous gesture through the lobby, connecting the north and south entrances of the building. Perforations of varying density produce an intriguing and ethereal pattern of sparkle, working in concert with perimeter cove lighting and simple pendants to illuminate the visitor’s path through the space. 

One wall of the elevator core features a stunning mural by local artist Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, while custom routed millwork flanks the other side of the elevator core. Those who stare at the geometric pattern long enough may spot the Fibonacci sequence “Easter egg” hiding within the routed linework shapes. This trio of textures – ceiling, mural, and geometric wood pattern – are visible from everywhere within the first floor common spaces, forming a rich and cohesive visitor experience.

Layers of material interest and varying geometries throughout the lobby create a deep sense of place, inviting visitors to pause and take note. This invitation is extended by means of bright leather banquettes and elegantly fumed walnut millwork that anchor the main seating area. Sculptural furniture, a carefully curated collection of objects and plants, and a plush area rug lend a warm and hospitable feel.

The finished project pairs bold design with well-executed details, giving new life to this Class A property and welcoming visitors and tenants into this memorable space for years to come.

For more information contact Elizabeth von Goeler.

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