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Giving new meaning to co-working in a space that connects Sasaki’s resources with the local community, ensuring that design is a catalyst for positive change

The Incubator at Sasaki

Sasaki and the Sasaki Foundation
Watertown, MA
5,000 SF
Interior Design
Additional Services
Completed March 2018

Sasaki’s renowned cross-disciplinary practice has a long history of tackling complex urban design and building challenges from a global perspective. The firm has thrived on the leading edge of change for decades by maintaining academic partnerships, encouraging entrepreneurialism, sponsoring in-house research, and creating cutting-edge technologies.

Together with the Sasaki Foundation, the firm is launching the first-of-its-kind Incubator at Sasaki at its headquarters in Watertown, MA. By bridging between academic research and practice, the Incubator will serve as a creative hub for internal and external researchers who are solving complex problems of resiliency, mobility, and social equity in the design of the built environment.

The Incubator at Sasaki is a 5,000 SF flexible research studio and shared work space that connects collaborating researchers and innovators with the unparalleled resources of the firm’s design studios. Completed earlier this year, the Incubator is embedded within Sasaki’s riverfront campus and represents a major investment in the firm’s continued commitment to open-source interdisciplinary design and research. The Sasaki Foundation serves as the steward and convener for this facility: activating it with public programs, facilitating research initiatives, and inviting new teams and ideas to join.

Open and airy, the Incubator punctuates the historic charm of this old mill building by balancing new with old. The nave-shaped space is flanked with workstations for heads-down individual tasks and team-driven projects. The clerestory-lit center lounge space, populated with a colorful array of modular furniture pieces, is a flexible space that can be transformed to accommodate a range of functions from one-on-one check-ins to large public meetings. Two conference rooms, two phone rooms, and a large open kitchen complete the space, offering all the amenities that meet today’s professional needs.

This bright, bold space serves as a catalyst for cross-industry collaboration; bringing academic, professional, and community partners to the table in solving the biggest challenges of our generation.

For more information contact Mary Anne Ocampo.

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