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SCUP Journal Feature: Why Campus Matters

In a recent article for SCUP’s Planning for Higher Education Journal, Sasaki principals Vinicius Gorgati, AIA, LEED® AP and Pablo Savid-Buteler, LEED® AP share their perspectives on changes to pedagogy, education platforms, campus environments, and the student experience, offering both an analysis of trends and revealing a new set of approaches to supporting the next generation of institutions of learning.

To read the article in full on ISSUU click the image below to expand.

This piece originally appeared in the April-June 2016 “Campus Matters” issue of SCUP’s Planning for Higher Education Journal.


Globally, changes in demographic and financial realities, and shifts in educational approach to meet these new challenges, require colleges and universities to reorient to support new educational models; In the process, institutions are recasting both what higher education is and how a physical environment can serve it. A look at the diverse approaches schools are taking to planning, design, and building around the world produces a revealing snapshot of a fast-changing future for campuses and the new experiences students and young workers will come to know. Amidst all this change, the campus—in all its evolving forms—still matters as much as ever.

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