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Sasaki Seeks Proposals to Implement a Desktop-as-a-Service and Digital Transformation Strategy

Sasaki is seeking proposals to implement a two-phased digital transformation strategy. Phase one will migrate active data and infrastructure to the cloud and implement a DaaS solution to quickly deploy a secure and stable remote work solution for end users. In phase two, we will shift focus to true digital transformation, rethinking workflows and the adoption of appropriate technologies to support our employee’s productivity.


Sasaki’s technology strategy looks to maximize Information Systems and Digital Practice resources and staff time on digital transformation and innovation of Sasaki’s workflow and design solutions, and not on commodity technology services. With this RFP, we are seeking a comprehensive proposal that includes hosting and management of our core IT infrastructure and services, as well as digital transformation of Sasaki’s digital workspace and design workflows.

All proposals are due July 29. Please see below for more details.

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