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Sasaki Principal Michael Grove to Serve as President-Elect of the Landscape Architecture Foundation

Sasaki principal and chair of landscape architecture, civil engineering, and ecology, Michael Grove, will serve as President-Elect of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF). Grove begins his new role as President-Elect following a year of service as Vice President of Development and five years of service on the Board of Directors.

LAF’s mission is to increase the capacity, influence, and impact of landscape architects to create a more sustainable, just, and resilient future. For more than 50 years, LAF has been identifying priorities and strengthening the discipline to meet weighty environmental, social, and economic challenges.

“My role at LAF is an opportunity to give back by collaborating with some of the best thought leaders in the profession, united in our shared mission to create a more inclusive future for landscape architecture,” says Grove.

Speaking to some of LAF’s recent accomplishments, Grove continues, “I am proud that I worked with so many other dedicated board members and staff to raise over $2 million that allowed us to launch LAF Ignite–a scholarship program for BIPOC landscape architects that will not simply offset some of the costs of education, but more importantly provide internships and access to lifelong mentors that will set them up for future success in the profession. That’s what I love about LAF–it’s consistently at the forefront of the profession, whether through the Olmsted Scholars network, the Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership, or the Landscape Performance Series and Case Study Investigations program. LAF is doing so much to advance the impact of landscape architecture – and we’re just getting started!”

The 2022-2023 LAF Board of Directors began its term on November 11, 2022 at LAF’s Annual Board Meeting and events in San Francisco. Learn more about all of the new board members elected this year.

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