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Sasaki Perspectives on COVID-19 from Across the Practice

Like many around the world, we are watching intently as COVID-19 continues to take a toll on human life and change our relationships with one another and the places we inhabit; and we are questioning what we can do to help. As ever, we think about the human dimension first. What can we do to support one another in a time of crisis? What can we, as designers, do to help fix what we have the capacity to fix? And over the short- and long-term, how will we help to create the spaces and the conditions for people to return to school, work, and other vital settings that depend upon gathering close?

Across all our sectors, we ultimately take the long view that the human desire to be together will drive the innovation needed to allow in-person connection to happen. As designers, we will not be the ones to develop a vaccine, but we will be at the forefront of designing new ways to live, work, and connect alongside our clients and industry partners. And while we do not have all the answers, we have gathered a few perspectives to share that we hope will help shape plans as communities begin to open up in stages around the world.


Head to our COVID-19 Perspectives page to see all of our latest thinking around planning and design for a world changed by COVID-19.

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