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Pieprz and Eskinazi Speak at INCmty

Sasaki principal Dennis Pieprz, Honorary ASLA and senior associate Victor Eskinazi recently presented about Monterrey Tec and the 21st Century Campus at the Human and Sustainability Summit as part of INCmty, an entrepreneurship conference held in Monterrey, Mexico. They spoke on Tec’s remarkable accomplishments in the last five years and outlined their ideas for the next set of projects in the Distrito Tec, with a focus on creating a transformative innovation ecosystem for Monterrey and Mexico.

Since 2013 Sasaki has been working with Monterrey Tec—a leading university in Latin America—to revolutionize higher education and transform the district surrounding its flagship campus. Sasaki’s framework plan for the campus and Distrito Tec has been recognized by over 10 international and Mexican awards, including top awards by the American Institute of Architects in Regional and Urban Design and the American Planning Association for International Planning.

The plan has been consistently implemented by the university. The Carreta Pavilion opened in 2017 and has re-energized the heart of the campus, creating a new flexible hub for collaboration and events. The new Tec Library created a 21st century learning hub for the Tec community, and its collaboration spaces are now the social and intellectual crossroads of the campus. Meeting spaces create a dynamic environment for serendipitous encounters, talks, and events, all while staying connected to Monterrey’s larger landscape setting. The plan has allowed students to extend their stay on campus well beyond formal class hours, resulting in a more engaging learning environment and academic culture.

Before the presentation, Pieprz also spoke on a panel with Viljar Lubi from Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs; they discussed issues related to Livable Cities in the 21st Century.

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