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A tranquil, elegant residential community and exciting destination hub

SODIC East Master Plan & Design Guidelines

Community New Heliopolis
Cairo Governorate, Egypt
680 acres
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
Under Construction

The SODIC East site is well situated in relation to Cairo and the future New Capital. The site is in the center of a cluster of major new developments.

Connectivity is perhaps the essential issue for the success of the project, as relates to its location in the Greater Cairo context. The site is at the outer edge of the Cairo agglomeration, and while this will not be the case forever, it is something that must be addressed proactively in order to insure success for the community from Day One. The team found that the best tool for realizing this is programming; injecting a lively and attractive mix of functions into the project to support the residential aspects, and to make the property overall an attractive destination for people living in nearby developments.

Beyond the strategic programming of the entire development to create a mix of desirable destinations, connectivity can be seen as describing life within the project as the creation of “community” itself at the local level, through connecting people who live inside SODIC East with one another. The objective has been to interweave diverse program elements, situating them in ways that will provide short and long term benefits for residents and visitors. Residential and destination elements need to be designed to maintain the privacy and calm of the residential district, while enabling easy and robust access to the destination elements for outside users, and for residents of the community.

For more information contact Dennis Pieprz.

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