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Establishing a future development framework for the transformation of a growing mixed use medical center campus

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Master Plan

Wauwatosa and Milwaukee, WI
225 acres
GRAEF Nelson\Nygaard
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
Completed March 2016

The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) master plan provides a long-range development vision and implementation strategy to guide MRMC’s evolution from a suburban single-purpose medical center into a mixed-use healthcare campus that is walkable, internally connected, and better integrated with its community context and the emerging Wauwatosa life sciences district.

Sasaki led a master planning process to position MRMC and the City of Wauwatosa for complementary growth over the next 20 years. Already a major community asset and economic engine for the region, MRMC is poised for accelerated development. The plan reflects MRMC’s leadership in healthcare, science, innovation, education, and research. It enhances the identity of MRMC as a place that supports healthy living, bolsters the retention and recruitment of talented staff, and strengthens the region as an employment hub.

Advancing MRMC’s mission of “one standard of care for all” depends on physical and operational campus considerations. Themes such as institutional growth, campus access and connectivity, changing paradigms of care, and the evolving notion of what makes a good workplace influence facilities choices that will determine the physical quality and character of the MRMC campus in the future. In order to remain competitive among top-tier medical institutions around the United States, MRMC is prioritizing investment in the kinds of uses, spaces, and amenities that contribute to a great place and campus.

The master plan provides a forum for MRMC’s member institutions to implement a coordinated campus vision that benefits each institution and the campus as a whole. MRMC leadership is leveraging the master plan to manage growth collectively and strategically, with a focus on the following campus goals:

  • Optimize decision-making among MRMC members and enhance predictability through a partnership model for coordinated infrastructure and land use choices
  • Enhance attractiveness of the MRMC campus through consensus-based, incremental steps to evolve from a single-purpose suburban place to an urban mixed-use health and wellness district
  • Ensure campus efficiency through modernized transportation, parking, and utility systems, as well as opportunities for members to share resources and amenities

MRMC is a consortium of six leading health care institutions including Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin, BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Curative Care Network, and Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division. Sasaki collaborated with Graef and Nelson\Nygaard to develop the plan.

For more information contact Fred Merrill.

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