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A celebratory pedestrian gateway to campus ties a new residence hall to its context, creating a sense of place

Fordham University Residence Halls Landscape

Fordham University
Bronx, NY
©Robert Benson Photography
Landscape Architecture
Additional Services
Civil Engineering
Completed 2010

At Fordham University’s Rose Hill Campus, a broad master planning effort yielded an early vision for building communities at different scales. In particular was the desire to re-engage upper class students on campus through a new residential complex.  The building and landscape designed by Sasaki completes a significant quadrant on campus and adds a new dimension of social and academic interaction through interconnected indoor and outdoor environments.

Located at the main pedestrian entry to campus, the site sits at the intersection of East Fordham Road and the commuter rail line. Along with the library, the complex establishes a true celebratory gateway to the campus. An historic pedestrian path from the gateway is articulated with an allée of oak trees, which link to a strand of oaks in the main quadrangle. The new buildings are set on raised terraces, establishing a sense of place. Closest to the gateway, the terraces are a hardscape with a sidewalk café overlooking the quad. Gradually, this public zone gives way to varied paving patterns, more trees and a more intimate green space that includes a quiet courtyard.

The project includes a substantial underground stormwater detention system designed to support an entire quadrant of the campus, a critical step in avoiding upgrades to the public system.  In addition, the system alleviates flooding of existing structures, a recurring event previous to the project construction. As part of an effort to reduce water infiltration issues on this lowest part of the campus, highly porous paving is incorporated into the site design, and integrated with a major new storm water detention system for this section of the campus. The project is LEED Gold certified.

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