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The new workspace provides a strong brand identity and a connection to the rare disease patients and their stories

Cambridge Biomarketing

Cambridge Biomarketing
Boston, MA
42,000 square feet
©John Horner
Interior Design
Completed October 2018

“Patients first, people first” are the guiding principles at Cambridge Biomarketing. Creating marketing and brand strategies for the underserved rare disease population is both their purpose and passion.

This passion brings them together to develop ideas and craft unique, powerful campaigns for patient communities. Their mission, ultimately, is one of generating both awareness and hope. Their new workspace is designed to reinforce their ideals of community and shared purpose. The space provides not only a strong identity for CB but a connection to the patients and their stories.

Cambridge Biomarketing places their focus on people—both their work family and the patients that benefit from their efforts to connect patients with life-changing treatments. Enhancing these connections became the motivation for the planning and design of their new workspace. The team quickly realized that the heart of the space should be the café and the largest meeting spaces, which blend and bring the teams together throughout the day. The space conveys an intentional lack of hierarchy with minimal offices, all the same size, and very transparent, with small open work areas organized by work type. The size of these spaces creates a sense of community and allows different types of work to express their personalities.

Designing for designers requires the space to be quiet and allow the creative work of Cambridge Biomarketing and their patient stories to take the lead. Sasaki’s response was to create a warm and welcoming space with planned areas to highlight their art, including their new vibrant logo at the entry. To express the dynamic of the company, the logo is visible as a whole at the entry and then dissolves as one moves through the space.

Recently rebranded, Cambridge Biomarketing’s signature fingerprint logo becomes the focal point of their entry—expressing their mission and serving as a daily reminder of the lives they will change.

For more information contact Elizabeth von Goeler.

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