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A Fitness Concept for Office & Multifamily

BeFit Studio Prototype

Corey Saunders / BeFit
Castelli Lighting Design
Interior Design
Competition Completed 2019

BeFit gyms aim to enhance the wellness experience by seamlessly integrating modern features that satisfy the most sophisticated and health-conscious residents. With this mission at hand, Sasaki designed three stunning and highly functional gym experience scales that can be customized to their unique location—whether it be a residence, hotel, or office space.

An innovation proposed by a former professional fitness instructor, the BeFit model was developed especially for the office and multifamily market. Designed as a memorable brand, the model was developed to relieve non-fitness professionals from the operational and inaccessible burdens of fitness centers. Sasaki developed prototypes for three levels of BeFit Studios, ranging in sizes from 1,500SF to 4,000SF, with options for a pool. An emphasis was placed on creating a welcoming experience that considers the guests’ every need – from a place to change your shoes, to the distinct positioning of fitness and wellness equipment. 

Upon entry, the designs offer visitors a welcoming lounge that embodies modern luxury and sophistication, while providing the practical amenities that today’s discerning consumers expect. Members can relax and regroup before or after their workout with a comfortable seating area and self-service station. The spacious plan includes an electronic schedule board, custom lockers for personal belongings, Brita Vivreau water system, and dramatic cove and pendant lighting – creating a calming and restful environment that visitors will be excited to make a part of their daily routine.

Functional and focused fitness space

The fitness space is thoughtfully designed to streamline the entire workout experience for every guest. Boasting a wide variety of cardio machines, free weights, and functional training equipment, the space is curated to challenge even the most dedicated health enthusiasts. Featuring custom cabinetry to quickly and easily store equipment that’s not in use, the area will remain clean, organized, and free of obstructions for an optimally focused workout.

Guests can level up their routine with access to a state-of-the-art Peloton studio. Celebrated as one of the most immersive and convenient indoor cycling experiences, the Peloton studio at BeFit features live classes streamed daily from professional studios across New York City. Residents will appreciate the accessibility of a world-class cycling workout as a part of their routine without having to leave their home or workplace. 

A holistic wellness experience

A delicate material palette and soft, earth-tone color scheme is incorporated across the spa amenities, cultivating an opulent yet peaceful environment for guests to indulge in self-care and relaxation. Guests will emerge reinvigorated after a relaxing massage, a pore-cleansing sauna visit, a hot tub respite, or an exhilarating dip in the lap pool.

A spacious two-story lounge area offers an atmosphere for guests to connect, recharge, or simply sit-back after a well-rounded workout. The space is anchored by a glass and iron floating staircase– a signature element of the largest BeFit gyms. The design seamlessly continues on to the second floor, where guests can access the hydration lounge overlooking the breathtaking lap pool for their enjoyment.

For more information contact Elizabeth von Goeler.

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