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2018 Thanksgiving Potluck Supports Local Charity

The Sasaki Thanksgiving potluck, a beloved annual tradition at Sasaki, brought people together to break bread, share laughs, and raise money for charity last Wednesday. Every year, dozens of staff volunteers sign up to prep, cook, and bake a vast variety of Thanksgiving fare—enough to fully cover a buffet table that stretches nearly 100 ft. Then, Sasakians snake in a line nearly double that length to contribute $10 toward a local charity before piling up a plate of food.

“The food is a real highlight, to be sure, but so is the opportunity to gather everyone together. You end up sitting with people you haven’t had the chance to really get to know or just haven’t seen often enough recently. I love this holiday and the positivity it represents,” says Sasaki’s Debbie Wallis, who has organized the Potluck for over six years in a row. “The day has only continued to grow, with more and more Sasakians giving their time and energy to the event each year. It’s wonderful, because I hear all the time that this is everyone’s favorite day of the year at Sasaki and we get to help a really deserving local cause.”

This year, the $2,200 raised in through the charity meal will go to Thanksgiving in theCity, a Boston-based non-profit that helps families put food on the table, providing hundreds of Thanksgiving gift baskets to families in need.

See below for photos of this time-honored and joyfully-anticipated holiday at Sasaki’s Boston office.

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