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Prestbo Elevated to AIA Fellow

We are proud to announce that senior associate, Director of Technical Resources, and architect Bradford J. Prestbo, FAIA, CSI, CDT has been elevated to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). With last week’s official announcement, Prestbo joins an elite group of architects—with Fellows representing some 3% of the AIA’s national membership. Prestbo views this honor as both a celebration of his career to-date and as a renewed call to support the advancement of the practice of architecture.

“I am truly humbled and honored at this momentous occasion in my career,” says Prestbo. “I would be remiss to not acknowledge the immense amount of support I have received from Sasaki—both the firm as a whole, and from all of my inspiring and supportive colleagues—over the years. The entrepreneurial aspect of the firm has enabled me to investigate and, over time, better define the three topics to which I am most strongly committed that will help improve design: infusing maker culture into the profession, championing high-performance design, and exploring advanced design technologies.”

"For me, achieving the level of Fellow with the AIA is not a career capstone so much as it is a catalyst," says Prestbo

Prestbo has been a tireless advocate for improving the efficiency and capabilities of our practice, and, by extension, the industry. “By investing in these kinds of research initiatives, Sasaki has positioned itself as an industry leader, and is at the vanguard of many of these fronts. However, the ultimate beneficiary is our clients and their projects who reap the benefits.”

As a regular presenter at industry conferences, and as an organizer of workshops and hackathons, Prestbo has shared his knowledge with thousands of design professionals, on topics ranging from best practices for high-performance design to how interdisciplinary teams can tackle cross-industry challenges with advanced design technologies. Likewise, he is an outspoken thought leader in the industry, having been published in several industry publications.

As the founder of the Boston Society of Architect’s MakeTANK Knowledge Community, Prestbo has created a considerable platform for advancing the core tenets of his practice. In the few short years since its founding, MakeTANK has held numerous high-profile exhibits at the annual ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX), World Maker Faire in New York City, and at the deCordova Sculpture park, along with giving numerous lectures and appearing in a host of publications.

Building on the continued success of MakeTANK, Prestbo was recently appointed to the leadership group of the AIA’s Technology and Architectural Practice (TAP) committee, a national group tasked with bringing advanced design and building technology into the practice of architecture. Next year, Prestbo will host TAP’s annual conference, and will host the group’s annual awards program the following year.

Fiske Crowell, FAIA, LEED AP, principal and architect, and sponsor of Prestbo’s fellowship application, shares his congratulations:

“Congratulations to Brad on a well-deserved honor. I have always been impressed by the rigor and thoroughness with which he approaches his work, and the Fellowship application process was no different! His thoughtful and dynamic application, supported by some extraordinary references, clearly made a positive impression.

“On a personal note, I have always seen Brad’s presence in the office as a unique resource, including his passion for sharing knowledge of advanced design technologies, high-performance detailing, and how maker culture is transforming our practice within the industry.”

Pablo Savid-Buteler, LEED AP, principal and architect, has worked closely with Prestbo to produce and present insightful thought leadership on the value of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication in the design industry. Savid-Buteler reflects on his experiences as Prestbo’s colleague:

“Congratulations to Brad on this very significant professional achievement! It has been particularly rewarding to follow Brad’s application process, which, in many ways, serves as a great cross-section of Sasaki’s architecture practice to-date. Brad’s passion for advancing both design technology applications and building science research in his projects and in our practice is clearly evidenced in this honor. Great job!”

"Brad's passion for advancing design technology and building science research in his projects and in our practice is clearly evidenced in this honor," says Savid-Buteler

“For me, achieving the level of Fellow with the AIA is not a career capstone so much as it is a catalyst,” says Prestbo. “It isn’t an ‘end goal’ nearly as much as it is a recognition of the areas in which I, working closely with colleagues and friends, have been able have impact. Together, as a profession and an industry, we will continue to solve tomorrow’s questions of technology, design thinking, and how all the pieces and parts go together. Each innovation adds to better, and more meaningful, design.”

Sasaki congratulates Prestbo on this proud career achievement. Prestbo extends his hearty thanks to the following for their support as colleagues and for their gracious assistance throughout the application process:

Fiske Crowell, FAIA, LEED AP, for sponsorship, Ge Feng, Neda Movaghar, AIGA, Felipe Francisco, Philip Barash for graphics support, the communications team for proofreading, James Miner, AICP, and Pablo Savid-Buteler, LEED AP.

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