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Meet the 2018 Sasaki Summer Interns!

The 2018 Sasaki Summer Internship has officially commenced! This year, Sasaki welcomed 25 unique and talented individuals, who convened at the firm’s Watertown office in early June. Each year, many of the interns begin the 12-week internship by collaborating on a two-week design charrette. 16 of the interns participated in this year’s charrette, while the other nine dove directly into ongoing firm projects.

The annual charrette brings together the interns—representing landscape architecture, urban design and planning, civil engineering, architecture, and marketing—to collaborate on a design-intensive exercise, culminating in a final presentation to the entire firm.

This post is an introduction to this year’s intern class, as well as an overview of our annual internship program. To learn more about this year’s intern design charrette, click here.

“The charrette is a great way to intertwine the firm’s several disciplines, says Alykhan Mohamed, urban planner and coordinator of this year’s charrette, “We see it as way to get people out of their comfort zones and introduce them to the interdisciplinary style of Sasaki.”

The prompt for this year’s charrette, “Shifting Gears,” built upon previously-conducted research on the impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the urban environment. Interns worked with Sasaki planners and designers to imagine a real-world location in a radical future in which there are no privately-owned vehicles.

The group took an urbanist perspective on AVs, examining the potential implications of implementing AVs in a “middle” neighborhood—the “gray area” between urban and suburban settings. A neighborhood in nearby Somerville, MA, served as the location for this charrette. The charrette coordinators selected this site because it represents the “last mile” challenge that such middle neighborhoods are prone to. With the closest subway station over a mile away, this neighborhood presents rich opportunities for AVs to improve residents’ access and mobility.

The interns presented their final presentation in mid-June. Stay tuned for a comprehensive report on the final presentation.

The interns have now broken off into their respective sectors and are hard at work on various projects. To learn more about our fabulous 2018 charrette intern class, see below! Not pictured are the nine interns already immersed in project work: Joshua Brooks, Yifan Cai, Charles Hart, Peilin Li, Miao Luo, Melody Park, Billy Toohey, Jonathan Yeung, Boxiang Yu.

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