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Akamai Wins IIDA NE Best Large Office Award

We are proud to announce that the Sasaki-designed Akamai Technologies Global Headquarters won Best Workspace Over 80,000 square feet from the annual International Interior Design Association New England (IIDA NE) Design Awards for 2020.

Formerly occupying space in six different buildings, Akamai faced challenges with collaboration, innovation, and ideation; the new 19-story, 480,000 square-foot design strategically organizes all collaborative spaces around a continuous path throughout the entire building. Dubbed the “AkaMile,” this path links collaborative work space with destinations like libraries, cafés, game rooms, and a cafeteria, separating the quiet, focused work from the noise.


The design creates a continuous loop, housing spaces that support knowledge sharing, information gathering, brainstorming, and invention.

“The building is specially tailored to Akamai’s culture, not the latest trend,” says principal Victor Vizgaitis. “The AkaMile dovetails nicely with the company’s goal of creating an ideological and innovative environment. Everyone here has continuous access to tools for success in a world class facility. We are so proud of the team for this achievement.”



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